• What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
  • What they say about Custom Mail Services
1Stop DVD Duplication Mail Services
FAST mail-service turn times available.
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1Stop DVD Duplication Direct Mail Services manages the production end of your direct mail campaign by providing data, printing and mail processing. We also co-ordinate the services required to design your direct mail piece from start to finish, including all inserts and envelopes. We can also provide:

  • strategic planning
  • creative copywriting
  • graphic design
  • list acquisition

to produce the mailer you want and the one your customers will respond to.

Let 1Stop DVD Duplication be a resource for your direct mail production and printing. We can assist you to initiate, create and improve your campaign. We have a customer-oriented management team to service your needs. We specialize in mailing campaigns from 1,000 to 100,000 peices.

1Stop DVD Duplication Direct Mail Services is a full-service facility. We can service all Canadian and US markets. We also provide direct mail service to the UK, all of Europe, Scandanavia, Australia, Japan and Asia.

1Stop DVD Duplication Direct Mail Services has eight integral steps
  1. Planning
    This includes strategic planning, copywriting, graphic design and list purchase. Our planners and design specialists, together with our list broker, can bring your campaign from concept to production.
  2. Data Processing
    Your client or prospect list is sorted to attract the lowest possible postal rates. We can perform duplication eliminations and address accuracy functions to improve the deliverabilty of your mailing. We mail-merge your data to produce personalized laser leters and/or provide high-resolution inkjet addressing.
  3. Laser Printing
    With the use of digial high-speed laser printers we can print personalized laser leters, statements and billings as well as high-speed generic photocopying in black or colour.
  4. Offset printing and Envelope Manufacture
    1Stop DVD Duplication can produce a standard envelope or help create a unique delivery piece to showcase your products and services. 1Stop DVD Duplication can also print your envelope in full or spot colors specific to your upcoming mailing
  5. Mail Processing
    These services include folding, inserting, sealing and metering. We also sort, bundle, tray, tag and deliver mail to Canadian, US, UK, German and Japanese postal authorities.
  6. Canadian Bulk Fulfillment and Parcel Services
    For small parcels (too large to be mailed) going to numerous destinations at one time, 1Stop DVD Duplication offers packaging preparation and competitive parcel rates. Bulk package assembly can also be provided.
  7. National Change of Address
    Updating your database with those consumers and businesses that informed Canadian Post or the USPS of their change of address over the past 4 years.
  8. Promotional CD, DVD & Digi_Cards
    The production and mailing distribution of promotional CD, DVD and 1Stop DVD Duplication Digi-Cards are available upon request.
Custom Mail Services
Custom mail service Services

Custom Mail Services are affordable in virtually any amount and configuration.

CD Custom mail service manufacture is made easy with One Stop Media Shop.

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1Stop Media Shop CD Duplication  DVD Duplication
OVER 50 pieces for Custom Mail Services in 50 pieces or more please call: 1Stop DVD Duplication
1Stop Media Shop CD Duplication  DVD Duplication
For 1Stop DVD Duplication in less than 50 pieces call or visit a retail location in your area!
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